Delegitimization throughout the Orthodox Jewish World of Those Who Think Differently

In my view, widespread throughout the orthodox Jewish world (modern and ultra-orthodox) is an anti-democratic and anti-pluralistic approach characterized by a lack of mutual respect and lack of tolerance toward those who think differently.  Contemporary non-orthodox movements are committed to democratic values of pluralism, mutual respect and tolerance.  The anti-democratic and anti-pluralistic conception of Judaism […]

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On the Orthoprax and Anti-Theological Nature of the Hebrew Bible

In my opinion, the Hebrew Bible, regardless of religious assumptions (without assuming that the Hebrew Bible is Divinely revealed or inspired), is the greatest and most influential piece of literature ever written (at least in the western world).  In spite of the enormous influence of the Hebrew Bible upon western civilization, nevertheless the Hebrew Bible […]

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Background on Judaism

Background on Judaism   I will first describe the nature of traditional Judaism here only in a factual and descriptive sense – without addressing ideological issues at all.  Afterwards, I will address the rise of contemporary ideological movements in Judaism – conservative, orthodox, reconstructionist, reform as well as the rise of secular Judaism.   The […]

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